Elizabeth is British born but raised in Canada. She was encouraged to read at a very early age but by the time she was in primary school she was so far advanced that the teacher, Miss Johnson said her reading lessons would be better spent sitting in the back of the classroom writing her own stories. She wasn’t old enough to do joined-up writing, but this was good exercise in printing and so thanks to her parents and Miss Johnson, a passion for words were kick started.

Later, in High School, she joined the public speaking club and competed at Provincial level in Ontario having written a speech about the causes and control of diabetes, concentrating on the wonder drug, insulin. She had to draw charts and diagrams to reinforce her words. Elizabeth will never be a Picasso.

In her final year she wrote a dissertation on Sir William Osler. Google him, please. He is the reason doctors train the way they do. Remember, all Elizabeth had was the Encyclopaedia Britannica and books in the public library. She got an A.

Encouraged, she went on to gain a degree in English Literature and the Dramatic Arts: doing this was a licence to read and write.

Then at 29 she was diagnosed with a nasty neurological condition. Her husband bought her first writing course. She was published. Yes, only a letter to the editor at first, but she got paid. Then, an article for a prominent dog magazine, then a short story in a monthly national women’s magazine – all paid. There were rejections, lots and lots of them – badges of honour that are tacked to the bulletin board in her office and burnt, if she remembers, at the end of each financial year.

She attended a Novel writing course in Pitlochry, Scotland. ‘The Mindwalker’ was written. Now, the follow up, ‘The Journey with Two Eagles’ both set during the American Civil War. In January, a psychological thriller will appear as will the first of a trilogy of novellas about good King MacBeth – yes, that one.

Elizabeth lives in northern Scotland. She has been referred to as eccentric and weird. Her goal is to be called prolific.