Mindwalker by Elizabeth Lyle
Midwalker cover

It’s November 1861. The War has started, and Kansas has been admitted to the Union but, life goes on. Seventeen- year- old Buck Ross is racing home. He senses trouble. Was the man he saw in the bank the same one that murdered his parents? He has to warn Aunt Jenny. He’s too late. He finds her and his uncle, the people who raised him, lying slaughtered in the farmyard. Duncan, his older cousin, is missing. The warning sign of danger, an itch under his hat, has begun. It always comes along with bad weather or bad men. Broken-hearted, he begins to think about what to do next so he, ever practical, begins to dig a grave for them. Just as he finishes Duncan comes out from his hiding place and Buck’s head tells him that the very bad man has appeared – at least one of them because Duncan is a plotter, not a doer. He could have arranged things. Yes, he really was that callous enough to organize the murder of his parents. Buck’s Colt Dragoon was in his saddle bag – too far away. Moon Feather, his Cheyenne spirit guide watched all that transpired.